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The Ultimate Gem and Diamond Selector II: The Affordable Gem Tester for Real Diamond Verification

The Ultimate Gem and Diamond Selector II: The Affordable Gem Tester for Real Diamond Verification

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The Diamond Selector II stands out as the ultimate, portable electronic device crafted for the precise verification of real diamonds against Moissanite and other simulated stones. This innovative gem tester is designed to efficiently distinguish diamonds from cubic zirconia (CZ) and various simulants, ensuring the authenticity of your precious stones. Equipped with an intuitive LED light and audio result indication, the Diamond Selector II delivers accurate and reliable readings every time. Its metal alert feature enhances safety by signaling when the probe tip touches metal, preventing damage and ensuring user safety.

Tailored for jewelers, gemstone enthusiasts, and anyone invested in the authenticity of their gemstones, the Diamond Selector II comes with a simple calibration feature that caters to stones of various sizes, making it versatile and indispensable. The device includes a convenient carrying case, allowing for easy transportation and protection, along with a testing platform designed specifically for loose stones, ensuring that every gem can be tested with precision.

Powered by a 9-volt battery (included), this gem tester promises unmatched affordability without compromising on quality. Whether you're a professional jeweler or a gemstone collector, the Diamond Selector II is your reliable partner in confirming the authenticity of diamonds, providing peace of mind with every test.
Specifications and Features List:

Product Type: Portable Electronic Gem Tester
Purpose: Distinguishes real diamonds from Moissanite and other simulants
Compatibility: Effective on diamonds, CZ, and various simulants
Alert System: LED light and audio indication for results
Safety Feature: Metal alert to signal probe-metal contact
Calibration: Simple calibration for accurate testing across different stone sizes
Portability: Includes a convenient carrying case for easy transportation
Testing Platform: Specially designed for loose stones
Power Source: 9-volt battery (included)
Affordability: Premium features at an affordable price point

This compact and efficient device is essential for anyone seeking to verify the authenticity of their gemstones with confidence and precision.
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