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Precision Stainless Steel Hexagon Wet Film Thickness Gauge: Essential Tool for Paint & Coating Application

Precision Stainless Steel Hexagon Wet Film Thickness Gauge: Essential Tool for Paint & Coating Application

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Introducing the Hexagon Wet Film Thickness Gauge, a premier tool crafted from durable stainless steel, designed for professionals and enthusiasts in the painting and coating industries. This gauge stands out with its hexagonal design, ensuring ease of handling and precision in measurement. Its robust stainless steel construction not only offers longevity but also guarantees accuracy in harsh working conditions. With a comprehensive measuring range of 25-3000um, it caters to a wide array of applications, from new paint layers to chemical, adhesive, and architectural coatings.

The calibration of this instrument is meticulously carried out using a laser calibration process, ensuring unparalleled precision in every measurement. Compact and lightweight, with a net weight of just 23g, it is designed for effortless portability. The gauge comes housed in a sleek leather case, making it convenient to carry and protect when not in use.

Utilizing this gauge is straightforward. After the application of coatings, place the gauge vertically on the wet surface to instantly ascertain the coating's thickness. Its ease of use makes it an invaluable asset for ensuring the optimal application of coatings, enhancing both the aesthetics and longevity of the surface treatment. After use, a simple cleaning followed by storage in a dry place ensures the gauge's durability.
Specifications and Features:

Material: Stainless Steel
Measuring Range: 25-3000um
Calibration: Laser Calibration
Size: As shown in specifications
Packing: Leather Case
Total Weight: 31g
Net Weight: 23g
Usage: Ideal for measuring the thickness of wet paint film, chemical, adhesive, and architectural coatings
Operation: Easy application on flat workpiece coating surfaces for immediate thickness measurement
Maintenance: Easy to clean and store in a dry place for prolonged use
Measurement Precision: Can measure thicknesses between 2000 microns (wetted maximum scale) and 2600 microns (smallest scale without wetting)

This Hexagon Wet Film Thickness Gauge combines functionality, durability, and precision, making it a must-have tool for ensuring the quality and consistency of coatings applied in various industries.
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