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Mitutoyo 150mm Digital Vernier Caliper: Precision Engineering Tool

Mitutoyo 150mm Digital Vernier Caliper: Precision Engineering Tool

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In the realm of precision measurement, the Mitutoyo 150mm Digital Vernier Caliper stands out as a paragon of accuracy and durability, designed for professionals and enthusiasts in metalworking and DIY projects. This high-quality measuring instrument is engineered with hardened stainless steel, offering a robust solution for detailed measurement tasks. The caliper's unlimited measuring speed, combined with an impressive accuracy of +/-0.001", ensures efficient and precise readings every time, catering to the most demanding precision requirements.

The Mitutoyo caliper features an innovative design that allows for four-way measurements, including outer diameter, inner diameter, depth, and step, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications. The large, clear LCD readout enhances user experience by displaying measurements in decimals, fractions greater than 1/128", and metrics down to 0.01mm, all at the push of the Inch/Metric button. Additionally, the Zero/ABS button offers the convenience of displaying the absolute coordinate or the true position from the origin point, simplifying complex measurement tasks.

Supplied in a fitted plastic case for added protection and portability, this digital vernier caliper is not only a testament to Mitutoyo's legacy of quality but also an essential instrument for those who value precision and reliability in their work.

Specifications and Features:

Brand Name: Mitutoyo
Model Numbers: 500-196-30, 500-197-30, 500-193-30
Material: Stainless Steel
DIY Supplies: Metalworking
Measurement Range: 0-150mm
Resolution: Decimals 0.0005", Fractions to > 1/128", Metric 0.01mm
Accuracy: +/-0.001"
Type: Absolute
SPC Output: No
Measuring Speed: Unlimited
Hardened stainless steel construction for durability
Four-way measurement capability (outer diameter, inner diameter, depth, step)
Switchable readouts between inches and metric measurements
Zero/ABS button for absolute coordinate display
Large and clear LCD readout for easy reading
Comes in a fitted plastic case for storage and transport

Optimized for both professional and DIY use in metalworking, the Mitutoyo 150mm Digital Vernier Caliper is your go-to tool for achieving precise measurements with ease and confidence.
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