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Laser Distance Meter MILESEEY S6 100m | The Ultimate Laser Measuring Tape

Laser Distance Meter MILESEEY S6 100m | The Ultimate Laser Measuring Tape

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The Mileseey S6 Laser Distance Meter is a highly accurate, efficient, and user-friendly device designed to make measuring distances quick and effortless. This compact and portable tool is ideal for a wide range of applications, including interior design, construction, and DIY projects, offering precision measurements at the touch of a button.

Featuring advanced laser technology, the Mileseey S6 provides quick and accurate distance measurements up to 100 meters with an accuracy of ±2mm. Its intuitive design includes a large, easy-to-read backlit display, allowing users to clearly see measurements even in low light conditions. The device supports multiple measurement modes, including single-distance measurement, continuous measurement, area, volume, and indirect Pythagoras measurements, catering to various measuring needs with ease.

The S6 is equipped with a durable, IP54-rated dust and water-resistant casing, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry and use on the go. With its built-in rechargeable battery, the Mileseey S6 is always ready for your next project, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

Whether you're a professional contractor, an interior designer, or a DIY enthusiast, the Mileseey S6 Laser Distance Meter is the perfect tool to enhance your measuring capabilities, providing fast, accurate, and reliable measurements every time.

Measuring range: 100m
Distance measurement accuracy: ± 2mm
Electronic Angle Sensor
1 Bubble Levels
Measuring Units:m / in / ft / ft + in
Area,Volume Measurement,Continuous Measurement
Indirect Pythagorean Theorem
Maximum memory: 30 units
4-line LCD dispaly with Backlight, Auto Shutdown Function
Battery type: 1.5 V 2 * AAA
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