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BTMETER BT-100 Digital Anemometer: Precise Wind Speed & Temperature Gauge for HVAC & Outdoor Activities

BTMETER BT-100 Digital Anemometer: Precise Wind Speed & Temperature Gauge for HVAC & Outdoor Activities

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In the world of HVAC testing and outdoor adventure, accurate weather measurement tools are indispensable. The BTMETER BT-100 Digital Wind Speed Meter Gauge Anemometer stands out as a multifunctional device designed to offer precise and reliable readings of wind speed, temperature, and wind chill. Ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike, this handheld anemometer delivers a comprehensive understanding of the air conditions around you, enhancing your HVAC system's efficiency, aiding in outdoor sports, and ensuring safety in various activities.

Equipped with advanced technology, the BTMETER BT-100 boasts dual temperature sensors and eight vanes, making it exceptionally sensitive to detecting even the slightest airflows. Whether you're calculating CFM for HVAC installations, enjoying outdoor activities like drone flying, sailing, or shooting, this anemometer ensures you have the detailed data you need. Its wide wind speed range of 0.67~67.1 mph and temperature range of 14℉-113℉, alongside the capability to measure in multiple units, makes it a versatile tool for diverse environments.

The device is user-friendly, featuring a backlit LCD for easy reading in any lighting, a tripod hole for stationary use, and automatic or manual power-off options to conserve battery life. Lightweight and pocket-sized, it comes with a protective case for portability and durability. With the included AAA batteries, you're ready to measure the moment it arrives.
Specifications and Features:

Wind Velocity Range: 0.67~67.1 mph
Speed Units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph
Wind Temperature Range: 14℉-113℉
Temperature Units: ℃/℉ (Celsius/Fahrenheit)
Backlit LCD Screen: Yes
Wind Chill Indicator: Yes
Beaufort Scale Indicator: Yes
Auto Shutdown: After 5 minutes of inactivity
Mounting: Tripod hole for easy mounting
Wind Speed Measurements: Max/Min/Average/Current
CFM Calculation: Easy calculation for HVAC efficiency

This anemometer is more than just a measuring tool; it's a companion for anyone keen on understanding and utilizing wind data to enhance their professional tasks or outdoor experiences. With the BTMETER BT-100, you're equipped to face the elements with confidence.
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