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Advanced SNDWAY SW-6510S Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Accurate Metal Thickness Measurement

Advanced SNDWAY SW-6510S Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Accurate Metal Thickness Measurement

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The SNDWAY SW-6510S Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is a state-of-the-art, handheld device engineered to offer quick and precise thickness measurements using ultrasonic technology. Controlled by a sophisticated microprocessor, this gauge is essential for professionals in various industries requiring accurate thickness assessments of industrial materials. Its utility spans across manufacturing, metal processing, and commercial inspection sectors, proving invaluable for monitoring wear in machinery, pressure vessels, and infrastructure.

This intelligent device is renowned for its versatility, accommodating a broad range of materials that maintain a consistent sonic velocity, thus ensuring reliable and accurate readings. The SW-6510S is equipped with advanced features including auto-calibration and linear compensation to correct transducer non-linearity, enhancing its precision. Its user-friendly interface allows for rapid adjustments to sound velocity/thickness and easy data recall from its storage of 10 thickness measurements. Additionally, its coupling status indicator aids in verifying proper device setup, ensuring optimal performance.

Moreover, the SNDWAY SW-6510S is designed for efficiency and ease of use in challenging environments, offering features like continuous measurement mode, adjustable sound velocity, reverse sound velocity calculation, and self-calibration. With its capacity to store 300 sets of data and an alarm function, it caters to extensive fieldwork demands, making it a must-have tool for industry professionals seeking dependable thickness measurement solutions.
Specifications and Features:

Model: SW-6510S
Display: 2.4-inch black and white dot matrix
Language: Chinese/English
Measuring Range: (in steel)
Sound Speed Range: (1000~9999) m/s
Measurement Unit: 0.1mm/0.01mm/0.01in
Indication Error: ±0.1mm
Pipe Measurement Lower Limit: 20*3mm (steel)
Storage Capacity: 300 groups
Single/continuous measurement
Alarm function
Reverse measurement of sound speed
Built-in 3.7V 200mAh lithium battery
Size: 1406628.5mm
Auto calibration for accuracy assurance
Auto linear compensation for precision enhancement
Quick sound velocity/thickness adjustment and data recall
Coupling status indication for operational efficiency
Sound velocity measurement with a given thickness
Metric and inch unit switching, average value function
Equipped with USB cable and manual

The SNDWAY SW-6510S Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is an indispensable tool for professionals requiring accurate and reliable thickness measurements, offering a blend of advanced technology and ease of use to meet the demands of various industrial applications.
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